St. Patrick's Campus

Calendar of Activities 2024

August 23-31

Collect acknowledgement letter on campus

Register for Introduction to College Life

Pay a $30 registration fee (provides access to Moodle)

Take photo ID

August 31

Classes begin online for Year 2 & continuing students in SAAT & SCE


1-3 September: Compulsory orientation for prospective Year 1 students (virtual sessions)

6-17 September: Commencement of Introduction of College Life

27 September: Registration begins for ALL Year students


1 October: Registration ends for ALL Year 1 students

4 October: Classes begin for:

  • ALL Year 1 SAAT, SASPS & SCE students
  • ALL Year 2 SASPS students

Our Library

Housed in the wooden building across from the main building, St Patrick’s Campus Library has been a recent addition to the already developed information service available at our College. We boast of our air conditioned atmosphere, Wi-Fi access and a variety of resourced books. Students are encouraged to make good use of this facility in their spare time.

Information Technology Lab

Situated in the main building, our computer lab offers the campus community access to computing resources and a variety of software in support of learning.


The School of Continuing Education offer Technical Diplomas in the following areas:

Electrical Installation 
Motor Vehicle
Engine Systems
General Construction 
General Office Administration
Fashion Design 
Hospitality Services

Other Supporting Courses

Information Technology
Entrepreneurial Skills 
Technical Drawing