Office of Resource Mobilisation

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Office of Resource Mobilisation is to generate resources that can lead the T.A. Marryshow Community College to greater sustainability.

Mission Statement:

To engage stakeholders at the local, regional and international levels to lend human, social, technological and financial resources for the holistic and systematic development of the T. A. Marryshow Community College.

Email: | Phone: (473) 440-1389 ext. 2344


From Donations to Transformations

Student Development

Scholarships to assist students to complete the tertiary education of their choice.

Faculty and Staff Development

Donate funds that will be used for capacity building to ensure that members of faculty and staff are kept abreast of emerging concepts, best practices and policies in higher education.

To the College

To a specific, school, department or programme of your choice.

To Campus Life

Donate to the extra-curricular activities offered through the Department of Student Affairs.

Donate your Skills and Time

If you have specialised skills that you think can be an asset to the College, we would like to hear from you.