School of Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies (SASPS)

Mr. David Ambrose



Mrs. Vanessa Whiteman

Associate Dean

The School of Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies (SASPS) is the largest of the College’s three schools. The School houses most of the Associate Degree and Certificate programmes offered by the College. 

Heads of Department

Our employees are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work.

Mrs. Antoine Cadore-Calliste
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Ms. Andrea McLeod
Chair,Department of Arts, Humanities & General Studies
Mr. Paris Fraser
Department of Natural Sciences and related Sciences
Dr. Alarna Charles
Department of Teacher Education
Ms. Besha Ottley
Chair,Department of Business & Office Administration
Mr. Samuel Andrew
Director, Mirabeau Campus
Mrs. Fleure Patrice
Director, Carriacou Campus