The main objective of the Distance Education Unit is not only to provide support for a technology driven curriculum, but to assist in bridging the gap between past and current relevant learning practices and principles; consequently, assisting with change management that will provide adequate training for lecturers for the delivery of both Information and Communication Technology in the classroom and online learning through Distance Education at the College.

The Coordinator

The Unit is coordinated by Mrs. Caundi Joseph- Gay.  Mrs. Gay holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems. Mrs. Gay has been with the Unit since 2012, since the decision by the Government to improve on its Information and Technology capacity and delivery. Mrs. Gay has worked extensively with education specialists from the Commonwealth of Learning to:

  • Establish a Policy Framework for the College in Distance Education.
  • Execute several workshops with COL by providing relevant training opportunities to faculty in the current technology the College utilizes.
  • She provides ongoing relevant training and support for both students and lecturers in the platform used at the College.
Undertaking of the unit
  • The Unit provides administrative and some technical support to all faculty and students of the College community who utilizes MOODLE to deliver teaching/ learning assistance with technology in the classroom.
  • 2018 and 2019 online submission for CAPE School Based Assessment was successfully undertaken utilizing the MOODLE platform.
  • The Distance Education Unit and the School of Continuing Education has teamed up to provide Blended learning deliverables for our adult students or persons who engaged learning through extension classes. 

Future of Distance Education Unit

Flexible learning projections
  •  To be the premiere College in the region through quality Distance Education deliverables
  • Blended / Hybrid learning 
  • E – courses – Training for professionals 
  • Online programs – Online Education 
  • Distance Education programs.