SCE Hosts Workplace Readiness Seminar to Prepare Students for Future Careers

Students at the T. A. Marryshow Community College recently had the opportunity to participate in a Workplace Readiness Seminar designed to prepare them for success in the professional world. The event was organized by the college’s School of Continuing Education and featured a series of presentations from industry professionals aimed at developing essential skills for the workplace.

The seminar covered a variety of topics including tips for job search, resume writing, interview techniques, communication skills, professional etiquette and entrepreneurial skills.

“All the speakers gave wonderful advice that we hope the students will ingest and take seriously so they can have the necessary tools when they go out into the work force,” said Dr. Philomena Cato, Associate Dean of SCE. “The participation was really good, the students were lively, attentive and asked questions during the interactive sessions.”

The Seminar was well-received by students, many of whom found the information to be new, valuable and applicable to their future careers.

Overall, the Workplace Readiness Seminar was a success and provided students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate their future careers. The School of Continuing Education plans to host another seminar for students at the St. Patrick Campus and will continue to host similar events in the future to support their students in their professional development.