Confucius Institute Hosts First Chinese Teacher Teaching Skills Competition

On March 28th, local time, the Confucius Institute at TAMCC successfully held its first Chinese Teacher Teaching Skills Competition.
The competition was divided into two parts: lesson plan design and on-site teaching, aiming to provide a platform for teachers to showcase their teaching skills and share teaching experiences. The competition was hosted by Sheldon Francis, a student at the Confucius Institute. Confucius Institute teachers Deng Rong, Huang Chen, Wang Ruojing, and Yuan Bo participated in the competition. They used multimedia teaching methods to teach Lesson 12 “I’m Going to the Library” from the first volume of “Happy Chinese.”
The judging panel consisted of Mr. David Ambrose, the Grenadian director of the Confucius Institute, Mrs. Philip, the co-director, Li Hui, a Chinese teacher at TAMCC, and Trevin Rahim Calliste, a teacher at Grenada High School who returned from studying in Tianjin University in China. The judges comprehensively evaluated the teaching of the contestants from aspects such as teaching content, teaching methods, teaching activity design, and teaching effectiveness. In the end, Deng Rong won the Special Award; Wang Ruojing won the First Prize; Huang Chen and Yuan Bo won the Second Prize.

Before the competition, the Chinese director, Jiang Fan, delivered a speech, welcoming the arrival of judges and guests, and expressing gratitude to everyone for their support and assistance to the Confucius Institute. Director Jiang said, “Improving teaching skills is an important part of improving teaching quality. I hope that through this competition, teachers can enhance their ability and awareness in teaching design, continuously improve, apply what they have learned and thought to classroom teaching, and improve the quality of talent training.”
After the competition, Li Hui commented on the performances of the contestants. Teacher Li believes that the contestants were well-prepared, with meticulous teaching design, and she was very pleased to see the wonderful performances of all the contestants. In addition, Ms. Li summarized the strengths of each contestant and provided questions and suggestions for improvement.

Finally, Grenadian director Mr. Ambrose gave a speech. He said that the Confucius Institute hosting the Teaching Skills Competition signifies the importance the Institute places on teaching and talent cultivation. He was really happy to see such a competition taking place at TAMCC and he was equally pleased to witness the wonderful teaching skills of the teachers at the Confucius Institute. He hopes that Confucius Institute teachers can continue to work hard to enhance the interest and effectiveness of Grenada students in learning Chinese. “I am very honored to receive the top award, and I am very grateful to the Confucius Institute for providing such a good platform for us to showcase ourselves. In the preparation for the competition, I conducted detailed research on courseware design,
production techniques, blackboard design, transition of segments, student interaction, task description, and arrangement to ensure the presentation of a perfect lesson. Hardship tempers will, and success gives courage. With this courage, I believe I will continue to strive to become a better self in the future!” Deng Rong said.

This competition has played a positive role in improving the overall teaching quality of the Confucius Institute and preparing the teachers for various Chinese teaching competitions in China in year.