The T. A. Marryshow Community College is excited to announce the generous donation of a Farm Bot to the institution by Digital Growth Inc., a business development agency that helps clients solve their problems through digital marketing, innovation and technology.

The Farm Bot is a revolutionary piece of technology that will greatly benefit the College and its students in the General Agriculture programme. It is a robotic farming system that is capable of planting, watering, and maintaining crops with precision and efficiency. This cutting-edge technology will provide students at the T. A. Marryshow Community College with hands-on experience in the latest agricultural practices and help prepare them for modern careers in the agricultural industry.

“The way to bring in younger minds is to incorporate digital technologies in Agriculture. Agriculture of today involves the use of robotics, drones, satellites, mobile devices and software.” said Mr. David Ambrose, Dean of the School of Arts, Science and Professional Studies, speaking at the donation ceremony. “When our students graduate with an associate degree in General Agriculture, that degree should be more than just a qualification to farm using traditional methods. They have to be able to use 21st century smart farming techniques to feed our people. This Farm Bot will go a long way in helping TAMCC bring its General Agriculture programme one step closer to smart farming.”

Mr. Cory Zufelt, founder of Digital Growth Inc. reached out to the College to donate the Farm Bot with the aim of incorporating modern technology and agriculture. He spoke to attendees about the importance of embracing technology and change. “The closer you can put the things you are passionate about to the things you are good at, the more successful you will become. Don’t be afraid to fail. To achieve success, be passionate about your craft and your dreams and embrace change.”

The Farm Bot will be housed at the College’s Agricultural Campus in Mirabeau, St. Andrew, where students will have the opportunity to learn how to operate and maximize its capabilities. The donation of the Farm Bot is a testament to the commitment of Digital Growth Inc to supporting education and technological innovation in the agricultural field.

The T. A. Marryshow Community College extends their heartfelt thanks to Mr. Cory Zufelt and Digital Growth Inc. for this generous contribution and looks forward to the positive impact the Farm Bot will have on the students and their agricultural programs.