Biennale di Venezia

TAMCC NEWS: Artist Collaborates with TAMCC Students for International Exhibition

Multi-disciplinary artist Benaiah Matheson, whose family is from Carriacou but resides in Huddersfield in the UK, collaborated with TAMCC students to create an exhibition for the 2024 Biennale di Venezia, an international cultural exhibition hosted annually in Venice, Italy.

The workshop was facilitated with first and second-year students of the College’s Art and Design programme which is the only tertiary level art and design programme offered on the island. Students utilised various dyes and natural materials including sorrel, charcoal and turmeric to create individual and personalized flags that represent their culture and identity.

Suelin Low Chew Tung, adjunct lecturer in the Arts Programme will also be representing Grenada at the Biennale di Venezia.

TAMCC extends a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Matheson for giving our art and design students this opportunity.