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Welcome to the T. A. Marryshow Community College Website. Throughout this Website you will get a snapshot of life at TAMCC where we prepare students to become confident, efficient, and competitive members of society in which they will become agents of change and exemplary citizens for nation building.It is our obligation to provide quality and accessible education to all our students in a favourable academic atmosphere, to develop their intellect, to equip them with the appropriate skills and knowledge, and to prepare them for lifelong learning.

 We believe that skills should not be  developed only for what constitutes a good employee, but also for what constitutes a good citizen. Both roles are necessary for the formation of a better Grenada. We have an essential role to play in the development of the human resource capacity in our tri-island nation, and to ensure that all areas of our economy are well served.   


Our curricula are designed to challenge and nurture the intellectual growth of our students while preparing them for a career immediately upon graduation. We believe in a holistic approach to education and have created a learning environment that offers many opportunities for growth intellectually as well as socially. Our extensive General Education curriculum enables the students to explore fully the richness of the humanities, cultural studies, modern languages, environmental studies, social skills, information technology, science, arts, and social sciences. We constantly improve our curricula in accordance with contemporary knowledge, and ensure the adherence of the mission and vision of TAMCC.   


We endeavour to become a leading and respected college and promote collaborative links with the private sector, non-governmental agencies, and institutions of Higher Education. We promote openness, inclusiveness, collegiality and diversity. We are committed to the promotion of academic achievement and its sustainability.


 Students will find a vast quantity of resources through links to several relevant agencies and institutions which will guide their academic interest, enrich knowledge on diverse issues, enhance campus life experiences and connect them to opportunities beyond the boundaries of the region.


The website will help us share with the rest of the world what we have, and assist us in our endeavour to accomplish our mission. This website is designed to meet the expectations of our students, faculty, staff, parents, Government Ministries, other stakeholders and the general public. Its aim is to capture virtually all activities that we are engaged in daily. This venture will increase traffic as more users will find the site useful, and at the same time, promote TAMCC.  


I invite you to explore the exciting ambiance of TAMCC.


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Jeffrey Britton Ph.D.


Role of the Principal


 The Principal of the College is appointed by the College Council after consultation with the Minister for Education. He is the academic and administrative head of the College and shall generally supervise and direct the academic work of the College, the academic and administrative staff and other staff of the College.


The Principal is responsible for:


The implementation of policy and for all phases of the operation, administration, supervision maintenance and promotion of the College Programmes;

The introduction of measures, mechanisms and procedures as are necessary for the effective discharged of his duties;

The provision of leadership in maters relating to the academic programmes of the College;

The promotion of the interests of the College both within and outside of Grenada;

The exercise of such other powers conferred on him or delegated to him by the Council.