Dr. Ronald Brunton has recently joined T.A. Marryshow Community College as Principal, and looks toward building upon a tradition of education and skills development. Prior to joining TAMCC, Dr. Brunton served as Academic Director at the UWI School of Business and Applied Studies, Trinidad and Tobago. His passion for student success has guided a focus on curriculum innovation to ensure that students pursue programmes of study that are relevant, in-demand and student-centered.


Dr. Brunton has worked in the field of higher education quality assurance for many years, and is among the
founding Directors of the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago where he served as Director of
Qualifications and Recognition. Dr. Brunton also led the Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in
Tertiary Education (CANQATE), as President and Board Member. He continues to contribute to regional
efforts aimed at harmonizing quality assurance policies and practices across the region.
During his earlier career, Dr. Brunton served as adjunct faculty at The University of the West Indies, St.
Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago where he taught courses in the Social Sciences and Development
Studies. His academic experience also includes lecturing experience at the College of Science, Technology
and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) and UWI-ROYTEC, online course writing for UWI Open
Campus, academic programme reviews, coordinating national and regional academic conferences, various
speaking engagements and webinars. Dr. Brunton is an experienced educational researcher, having worked
on significant research studies with faculty at Concordia University, Western Washington University, and The
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill and St. Augustine Campuses, among others. His research interests
include higher education policy, educational indicators, curriculum, distance and online learning, quality
assurance, and education and national development. Dr. Brunton has published in several peer reviewed
journals and has co-edited a significant volume of articles on education in the Caribbean. He regularly
presents academic papers and research findings at national, regional and international conferences, seminars
and colloquia.
Dr. Brunton has served on numerous Committees, Technical Working Groups, Editorial and Advisory Bodies
based in the higher education sector nationally and regionally. Dr. Brunton holds a Doctorate in the
Sociology of Education from the University of the West Indies, a Master of Philosophy (MPhil.) and a
Bachelors of Science in Sociology from Western Washington University.

Role of the Principal


 The Principal of the College is appointed by the College Council after consultation with the Minister for Education. He is the academic and administrative head of the College and shall generally supervise and direct the academic work of the College, the academic and administrative staff and other staff of the College.


The Principal is responsible for:


The implementation of policy and for all phases of the operation, administration, supervision, maintenance and promotion of the College Programmes.

The introduction of measures, mechanisms and procedures as are necessary for the effective discharge of his duties.

The provision of leadership in matters relating to the academic programmes of the College.

The promotion of the interests of the College both within and outside of Grenada.

The exercise of such other powers conferred on him or delegated to him by the College Council.