GUT's Sponsorship to TAMCC's Hybrid Telecommunications Upgrade Project
News release on the recent donation from the GUT Cooperative Credit Union in support of the refurbishment component of the Hybrid Telecommunications Upgrade Project

G.U.T. Credit Union supports TAMCC class upgrade
St. George, Grenada – April 25, 2019 – The G.U.T. Credit Union recently pledged its support to the enhancement of TAMCC’s Room 5 within the Teacher Education Department.

The room will be turned into a blended learning classroom where both technology and face to face instruction will be used to facilitate the learning process.

“The G.U.T. Credit Union is a strong supporter of initiatives that encourage continuous education and enhanced opportunities for our youth and teachers of our nation,” noted Camille Goddard, Marketing and Communications Manager.

“The integration of technology within the teaching and learning environment promises to have a positive impact on the users of the facility.

Over the years, the credit union has partnered with TAMCC on a number of levels including: graduation prize sponsorship, science and culinary programmes, as well as scholarships for first year students. In 2018, the G.U.T. Credit Union awarded 18 scholarships to TAMCC students.

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Communications Manager
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