The College was established by the Government of Grenada on July 1, 1988 by a merger of: 


 The Grenada Teachers College (GTC) 

 The Grenada Technical and Vocational Institute (GTVI) 

 The Institute for Further Education (IFE) 

 The National Institute of Handicraft (NIH) 

 The Mirabeau Agricultural Training School (MATS) 

 The Domestic Arts Institute (DAI) 

 The Continuing Education Programme (CEP) 

 The School of Pharmacy

Status of the College:


An act to establish the T. A. Marryshow Community College as a statutorybody under the control of a Council was passed by the House of Representatives on March 28, 1995 and by the upper chamber of Grenada's parliament, the Senate, on April 4, 1995. 

An amended act was passed in 1996 and implementation of this legislation began January 8,2001. With the establishment of the Council by the Minister of Education. The 1996 Act was proclaimed on March 1, 2001