Due to technology, libraries have come a long way. Today, they offer more to library patrons than ever before. It is safe to say that libraries hold the world and its contents on paper and at the touch of a button. Technology as we know makes life easier. The T.A. Marryshow Community College Library has been working diligently to keep abreast of technology and to provide as many resources and services as possible in order to assist students in the quest to broaden their horizons. Any student can reach the top with a little patience and a lot of diligence. It is to the student’s advantage to become familiar with the library, to know what services it offers, what resources are available and how to locate materials. Staff is always available to assist students.

Library Hours:

8:30 am – 7:00 pm Monday to Friday

The library is closed on weekends and on public holidays

Mission Statement

To render professional services to all patrons, implementing library rules and policies without fear or favour.


- To exercise efficient control of documents, patron lists, patron activity.
- To perform faster search methods
- To achieve ease of access to the database
- To facilitate the upgrading of the knowledge base of the library
- To provide better security for library materials/resources
- To allow users more access to library resources

Location and Layout

The T.A. Marryshow Community College Library is located within the Resource Center of the college. It houses more than forty thousand books and approximately ten thousand periodicals. The books are arranged systematically according to the Dewey decimal classification system. The lower floor accommodates computers, photocopying machine, periodicals, reading area, staff area and the Circulation desk. Exhibitions are also done on this floor from time to time. The upper floor contains the bulk of the books, reading areas, a small archive, a staff room, the catalogue cabinet and the Reserve Desk. While the main library is found on the Tanteen campus, there are satellite libraries in Carriacou, Mirabeau, the St. Partrick’s Multi-purpose centre and the General Hospital.


- Open to all full time students, part time students and staff of the college.
- A registration card must be completed and returned to the library for processing.
- Library registration runs from September through December of each academic year.
- Membership is discontinued when student graduates or when staff terminates work at the college.

Resources Available

- Books
- Past papers
- Magazines, journals, newspapers, booklets.
- Audio and Video cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s
- Computers ( Internet, EBSCO research database )

Services Offered

- Overnight loans of reserved books
- General book loans
- Photocopying services
- Black & white / coloured computer prints
- Wireless internet access (using your own fully charged laptops)

- General
- Reserved
- Reference
- Periodical


1. Photocopy
- $0.50 per page

2. Computer prints
- $0.50 per black & white print
- $1.00 per partially coloured print
- $3.00 per fully coloured print


Tanteen Campus – 13 staff including librarian Mrs. Gilda Scull 
Nursing Division (General hospital)  - 1 staff
Carriacou Campus - 1 staff

The TAMCC library prohibits the following:

- Bags
- Discussions
- Listening to music
- Use of indecent language
- Smoking, eating and drinking
- Talking on cell phones
- Ringing of cell phones – must be turned off or set to vibrate in library
- Disrespect to fellow students and staff
- Willful destruction of library materials
- Electronic equipment such as walkman, disc man, radios etc.
- Hats, bandanas, scarves or any other headgear. Exception is made for religious purpose in which case, staff must be advised
- Using library computers without first signing up at the circulation desk
- Unauthorized removal of books/materials from the library
- Rearranging of library furniture
- Viewing of pornography
- Games on the computers
- Weapons of any kind
- Sleeveless clothing

Dress Code:

- sleeved blouses/shirts
- skirts at least knee- length
- trousers/dresses

- sleeved shirts
- long trousers
- shoes with laces should be laced and tied

Loan Policies:

- For all loan transactions, the patron’s college ID must be presented.
- Patron must be a member of the library to borrow books to take out.
- The patron is responsible for all books checked out under his name.
- If the book is lost, it may be replaced by a similar book or pay the cost of the book.
- Staff has a loan period of fourteen days for books in the General Collection.
- Staff may borrow three books at the same time.

1. Overnight loans

- Overnight loans are transacted at the Reserve desk upstairs
- These books must be returned the next school day by 8:30 am.
- Charge for overdue reserved book is five dollars per day.

2. Three day loans

- Three day loans encompass the books in the General Collection
- These loans are confined to students only.
- Student may borrow two books at a time.
- This type of loan is transacted at the Circulation Desk on the ground floor
- Books may be renewed if there are no reservations on them.
- Books must be returned on or before the due date stamped on book slip.
- Charge for overdue book is one dollar per day.


The TAMCC library staff is in the final stage of automating the entire library system. Alexandria v553 is a comprehensive, user-friendly program which is used by tertiary institutions across the Eastern Caribbean.

This project was almost completed when Hurricane Ivan interrupted in 2004. However, the library is on its feet again and the automation project resumed in early 2007.

The Alexandria will greatly improve and increase services in our library.

Barcodes have already been attached to most of the books and students’ identification card. All checking in and checking out of books will be done automatically.

Patrons will be able to browse through the library’s collection online and reserve books. They will also be able to view their transactions done in the library. These are only some of the services that are provided by the Alexandria program.

General Information

- The bell sounds half an hour before closure of the library and again fifteen minutes later. All transactions should be done before the final bell. Library patrons are expected to leave the building when the last bell sounds.
- Library hours change during the summer vacation. Notices are usually posted on the notice boards around the campus when there are changes.
- Booklets, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals are treated as reference materials in that they are to be used in the library only and not taken out.
- To be able to log on to library computers, patron must obtain username and password from the IT department.
- Non-collegiate persons must seek permission from the librarian in order to use the library.
- Blatant and continuous disregard for library rules and regulations will result in suspension from the library

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