Dear Visitors,

On behalf of the entire College family, I am pleased to welcome you to the T. A. Marryshow Community College. Congratulations as you begin or continue your tertiary education! We are here to help you realize the dream you have and find those yet to be discovered.

We strive to create a learning environment where our students are able to acquire knowledge and advanced skills in their specialized fields, enabling them to fulfil their aspirations. We seek to maintain a student-centered ambiance and a service oriented culture which treats you like an individual, not simply “another student.”

It is imperative that students understand that they have a role in the learning environment and that they are active rather than passive recipients of their education. We encourage you to develop a sense of responsibility with self-discipline.

Please, study and learn! Spend more time in the library; engage in active research and constructive academic discussions. Do not be confused by the “apparent freedom” away from the pampering and watchful eyes of secondary school Principals and staff. You are now in an environment of freedom to think critically and act responsibly. T.A.M.C.C. will be for you and to you what you make of it.

I wish you continuous success in your studies and future endeavours.

Role of the Principal,

The Principal of the College is appointed by the College Council after consultation with the Minister for Education. He is the academic and administrative head of the College and shall generally supervise and direct the academic work of the College, the academic and administrative staff and other staff of the College.
The Principal is responsible for –

  1. The implementation of policy and for all phases of the operation, administration, supervision maintenance and promotion of the College Programmes;
  2. The introduction of measures, mechanisms and procedures as are necessary for the effective discharged of his duties;
  3. The provision of leadership in maters relating to the academic programmes of the College;
  4. The promotion of the interests of the College both within and outside of Grenada;
  5. The exercise of such other powers conferred on him or delegated to him by the Council.

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